New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

Rate: USD85 per person – 2pac ( private tour )
Rate: USD40 per person – ( Group tour )
Entrance fees is not included
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New Jerusalem Mineral baths falls is a welcomed retreat for sore muscles and a tired physique. There is absolutely no level of difficulty to this hidden treasure, aside from a short five-minute walk from the main road entryway back to the warm mineral pools.
The baths are locally owned and managed. There are two warm pools that are equipped with seating areas and three different temperatures of water flowing from bamboo faucets from 6ft above. The pressure creates a nice warm body massage on aching muscles. This is not a crowded, nor a touristy location, so you will enjoy relative privacy and solitude.

New Jerusalem Mineral Baths are natural pools of mineral rich water that serves to rejuvenate the skin and to relax anyone who stay for a while. Unlike many of the other mineral baths, this one is not a major tourist attraction and is rarely crowded.

Light trickles of water flow down the rocks into two warm baths from bamboo faucets that feature three different temperatures. The pressure of the faucets creates a body massage that helps to soothe aching muscles.

Positioned on the island of Saint Lucia, near downtown Soufriere, New Jerusalem Mineral Baths happily welcomes residents and tourists who are lodging on this part of the island or nearby. But even if you aren’t staying very close, you should feel free to stop by for some fun in the sun. It is east of Soufrière.

The hike to New Jerusalem is only 30 minutes from Soufriere, then when you each the gates it will be another 10 minutes of walking. The difficulty level is that it is not difficult at all.

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